HIV? Me? No, I’ married! (4)

It was five weeks later when Dike turned up at the surgery. If you haven’t met Dike and his family please meet them  here and here

“Nice to see you again,” I smiled as I ushered him into the consulting room.

“How can I help you?” I asked after we sat down.

“Well, I thought about what you said about HIV and Hepatitis,” he paused. “I would like to do the test, if that’s okay.”

“Yes of course,” I replied, pleased. “May I ask what has influenced your decision to do the test,” I asked as I reached for my tourniquet and sample bottle.

“It’s better to find out, isn’t it? Besides I haven’t been feeling very well for some time.”

“How do you mean?”

“I have a sore throat which won’t go away. I have also been feeling tired all the time even when I have been resting. And I have some lumps in my armpit,” he reached under his arms.

“I would like to ask you a few questions to further determine your risk and ensure that I do the appropriate test.”


“Have you ever injected drugs in the past?”

“No! …well, actually just once when I was in the University, years ago. I was messing about with some friends and they convinced me to try out some heroin… that can’t  cause HIV can it?”

Do you know what the early symptoms of HIV or Hepatitis are?

What warning signs would you look out for?

In the UK, 29% of black African heterosexual men living with HIV do not know they have the virus.

3 thoughts on “HIV? Me? No, I’ married! (4)

  1. ifezua says:

    You are right, Jetmum.
    2-6weeks after HIV infection, people may experience symptoms that mimick flu (and in Africa, may feel like a mild malaria infection). After that, there may be no further symptoms for many years while the virus multiplies in the body.
    Of course having these symptoms does not mean one has HIV, but if one has these symptoms and has been at risk for HIV, I strongly recommend that the person should get tested for HIV and Hepatitis.


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