Copper Coil wins!

The result of our poll on contraceptives is out! Thanks to all who participated. You can view the poll here. The result is given below in a chart. The contraceptive pills, patch, vaginal ring, contraceptive injection, withdrawal method, natural methods (like checking cervical mucus), caps and diaphragms got no votes at all! Suprise, suprise! EnjoyContinue reading “Copper Coil wins!”


I recently read a touching story about a nurse who was abused as a child. We will feature her story in subsequent posts. I really admire her boldness in telling us about her past where she was shamefully hurt by those who should have protected her. After reading that post, I was inspired to write down 12Continue reading “12 THINGS EVERY GIRL-CHILD SHOULD BE TOLD”

Condoms – do they fail or do you? (4)

”No, it’s okay. I will buy some,” Amina said. ”Just keep a straight face when you get to the shop counter with the condoms,” said Baako. Amina glared at him. ”Just kidding! I will buy some as well,” he said. ”Good! Like I have said in the past, there are other more effective methods ofContinue reading “Condoms – do they fail or do you? (4)”

Condoms – do they fail or do you? (3)

”Which one of you is taking up the responsibility to ensure you always have condoms available ?” I asked. (If you havent met Amina and Baako, you can meet them here and here) ”It’s a woman’s job, isnt it?” Baako shrugged. ”What makes it a woman’s job to provide contraception?” I was curious. ”Ask him,Continue reading “Condoms – do they fail or do you? (3)”

My Contraception failed me!!

A dear friend called me on phone a few days ago. We had talked about contraception in the past and after the birth of her last child she had started using a new method of contraception like any responsible person who didn’t want an unplanned pregnancy. So I was stunned when she said she hadContinue reading “My Contraception failed me!!”

10 Top Sexual Health Checks to do before the wedding night.

I love weddings, they are so exciting! I always see it as a new beginning for the people involved. It’s an opportunity to celebrate a great life together. It’s a chance to have an amazing adventure with your friend (hopefully you are marrying a friend!) However before you get to the wedding night, there areContinue reading “10 Top Sexual Health Checks to do before the wedding night.”

Sex in the New Year

What would your life look like if you aimed at higher goals? What amazing feats would you amaze the world with if you dared to get on the dance floor? Sometimes one comes across a word or has an encounter that completely revolutionises one’s life. Jessie Rittenhouse’s lovely poem “My Wage” below did it forContinue reading “Sex in the New Year”