I can’t see my copper coil thread..help!!

In the ‘kitchen’ of SWN blog….you know where the ingredients for a post are washed, mixed, cooked or baked or fried depending on the topic, we have some interesting cupboards. One of these ‘cupboards’ is labelled ‘search engine terms’. Search terms are words or phrases users use to find our blog when they search theContinue reading “I can’t see my copper coil thread..help!!”

ABC of PRE-Eclampsia: A Tribute to the late Kefee Don Momoh ”Branama Queen.”

Attention please! This article is for you if you are pregnant, have just had a baby or know someone who is pregnant. Many pregnancies happen uneventfully. The woman goes into hospital and comes out with a baby – wonderful! But occasionally things do not go as planned. Sometimes, a condition called Pre-eclampsia rears its uglyContinue reading “ABC of PRE-Eclampsia: A Tribute to the late Kefee Don Momoh ”Branama Queen.””

HIV? Me? No, I am married! (17)

“Yes, that’s wise. It will be good if you all get tested and we can arrange that for you.” ”Meanwhile if someone has a bloodborne virus like HIV, it is good medical practice to check for other bloodborne viruses like hepatitis as these can sometimes go together because they can be passed on in similarContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I am married! (17)”

Writing 101 day 4: Today, write about a loss.

Hmmm this is a tough one. But I shall try to put something down- after all, I signed up for the challenge. I met an amazing young man many years ago. He was just perfect! He was every inch a ”dream man” and I was all out to say ‘Yes’ if he was to pop theContinue reading “Writing 101 day 4: Today, write about a loss.”

Let’s unlock the mind!

The Assignment: To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write. Clock starts now! Today is my birthday and I cant help reflecting on the past few months and how things have changed dramatically all around me. It all started withContinue reading “Let’s unlock the mind!”

HIV? Me? No, I am married! (16)

I stood up when he did, our eyes clashing. For once I was grateful for my height because he was really tall and imposing. I wasn’t going to be intimidated, however. “Please do the right thing. Tell her your status so she can get tested’.” He maintained his defiant stance for a moment. “And ifContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I am married! (16)”