Medicine abroad: a guide for foreign medics.

  In this book, I share everything I have learned about being a foreign medic over the last 10 years of training and then practicing as a GP in the UK.  I have also tried to cover areas such as the medical exams, medical regulations, taxes, family life as a medic and so many other topics.Continue reading “Medicine abroad: a guide for foreign medics.”

The Truth about FAT

The BBC program, The truth about fat, aired on the 2nd of April. It  was very enlightening (not because I was on it lol!) but because there was soooo much to LEARN. Highlights for me was the use of the MRI equipment to show the amount and distribution of fat on the presenter’s body… THATContinue reading “The Truth about FAT”

What has smoking got to do with my Sexual Health?

From today, 1st April 2015, there will be no more smoking on all hospital grounds across Scotland. This is a welcome development. The annual cost to NHS Scotland of treating smoking related diseases is estimated to be more than £409 million. Smoking affects almost all areas of health including sexual health. Here are some waysContinue reading “What has smoking got to do with my Sexual Health?”