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  • For our women….

    Saw this, Loved it, Sharing it with you out there who is unhappy with your stretchmarks. They are evidence that you participated in creating life!!! So smile. Hold your head high. Shine your light. Be the best you. Looking forward to the weekend. Don’t be so busy saving the world that you don’t take care ofContinue reading “For our women….” Read more

  • We should all definitely drink less!!

    Lifestyle changes remain key in stopping a lot of the illnesses that are on the increase worldwide. What will it take for you to reduce your drinking or even stop altogether? A cancer diagnosis?? The Chief Medical Officer of UK has issued new guidelines on alcohol and the diseases it can cause.  Take a look!Continue reading “We should all definitely drink less!!” Read more

  • Thank you for reading my blog posts.

     Wordpress has kindly informed me that in 2015 people reading my blog came from…..95 countries!!!!  To all readers of my blog, I want to say a massive ‘THANK YOU.’ Hoping to have even greater and higher quality content for you this 2016. Thank you so much!!! Adaeze. Read more

  • The Slight Edge

    Goodmorning Fabulous readers, Last night I spent 1 hour reading a book called ‘Slight edge’. I recommend it highly -it’s just a few pounds if you buy the kindle or eVersion of it. The slight edge in a nutshell can be summarised as- if you have ever been successful at anything, look at what youContinue reading “The Slight Edge” Read more

  • Hyperglycaemia 101

     Goodmorning Fabulousreaders Welcome to class Healthy living 101 lol😀 Topic: Hyperglycaemia Just a reminder about why we discourage foods with high glycemic values like processed carbohydrates such as frosted cornflakes and surgary drinks. Please take a look at the charts above. When you take high glycemic foods, they are immediately converted to GLUCOSE in theContinue reading “Hyperglycaemia 101” Read more

  • 6 weeks to a Fabulous you!!

    Hello Friends,Just wanted to catch up with you as we are a few days into the New Year now. How’s it going so far? Did you make some resolutions? If so, how are they going? Would you like some help in making them stick this time? You see, that’s what I do and why IContinue reading “6 weeks to a Fabulous you!!” Read more