Massive thanks to all who participated in our poll on contraception. Your involvement makes your feelings clear and once we know what our feelings are, we can change them in positive ways. Never forget that you have a voice and ‘We must be the change we wish to see in the world’ – Gandhi.

So please watch out for the next poll and take part in it.  The result of the poll is given below in a bar chart -a picture speaks louder than many words!


The majority of the respondents, 64%, felt it was a woman’s duty, 32% felt it was a man’s duty and just 5% felt it was the doctors’ duty to sort out the issue of contraception. None of the respondents thought  that a mother-in-law or father-in-law had any say in the matter, thankfully!

This is the traditional view and holds no surprises.

But I beg to differ!

With soaring abortion rates and unprecedented levels of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDs, I lay the issue of contraception squarely at the Man’s door!!

Check out some statistics:

Of all the women living with AIDS, 64% are estimated to be Black women!!

AIDS continues to be the leading cause of death for black women aged 25-44(greater than death caused by heart disease, cancer and homicide!!)

You can read more here

Men, the time for ‘Bang, bang and bye’ has passed.

As usual, you can comment below. Feel free to share this with your network and help make a difference.

Now I have told you my opinion, what is yours??

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  1. I believe is the responsibility of both parties – partnership. In practice I believe the woman pays more attention than the husband

    1. Thanks Bels. I am hoping to get husbands to pay attention as well. It shouldn’t just be left to the woman especially as some contraceptive methods do not agree with some women. In which case the man may be best placed to sort the problem by taking on the issue of contraception himself.


  2. I totally agree with men asking their partners what contraceptives they intend to use and both parties agreeing on what to use. It takes two to tango and there’s no reason to suggest to the other to take care of her body while you take care of yours. That goes against the essence of marriage/partnership. So please MEN, take on the challenge

  3. A very objective and well thought out challenge to our men. Dear Man, my prayer is that you rise up to the challenge.

  4. i equally challenge women to take control of their bodies and do what they can to protect themselves. Afterall, abortion or unwanted pregnancies all happen on their bodies….not to talk of diseases! Take charge of your bodies and live life to the fullest. cheers.

    1. Jetmum, I always value your input 😉 we need to realise though that some women are not bold enough to insist on their partners using protection. So we do need our men to help too…..

  5. I feel to an extent it is joint responsibility, but on the whole Every human being is responsible for their own body. And so a greater part of the responsibility lies on the woman when it comes to contraception. We have to look after our bodies, women have to consider the fact that they could get pregnant or catch a disease and have to explicitly make sure they are protected from this. It would be nice to think that someone else can take responsibility, but except in the case of children ( who have no business engaging in sexual activity anyway) and incapacitated people, the ultimate responsibity of every capable adult lies on them self.

      1. Thanks Sisbee…..I guess that’s the ideal scenario. Every capable consenting adult taking responsibility for their own body….How come this isn’t happening then? What can be done to get people taking responsibility for their sexual health?

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