BBC Murdered by my boyfriend, sexual wellbeing networkI had an incredible relaxing Christmas period and I hope you did too.
A major feature of my holiday was just sitting back with family to catch up on family favourites like the very Scottish ‘Brave‘ and the lovely ‘Frozen‘.
I even managed to watch the Christmas edition of East Enders :-), caught a bit of the Queen’s Christmas speech and watched Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special. 
I must say I enjoyed ‘Gone Girl‘ though mystery and murder are not usually my thing.
I could feel the stress of hospital work oozing out of me and all my systems melting into relaxation as we ate and lounged about with friends and family.
But there was one film that had me sitting upright.
Its the BBC true life story ‘Murdered by my boyfriend‘.
If you are a woman between the ages of 13 and 50, I would strongly recommend that you watch this film.
All mothers of teenage children should sit down with their kids and watch this.
If you are not yet in a relationship or just entering one, this is the must-watch film before you commit.
If you are a man reading this, please watch this film.
I dont want to give away much: you really need to click below and start watching now.
Please leave your comments below. We learn from each other.
Here’s to a beautiful New year!
If you need more information on domestic violence please visit this site for help.

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  1. Wow…..That was a sad story. Alot to learn from too! Domestic violence is a no no!@Ada, thanks for posting this movie

  2. What really makes women stick around in violent relationships?….even when lives are in danger…

    1. It is a difficult situation, Jetmum. Many women remain in such relationships for several reasons:
      1. They actually love these men (yes, strange!) and are hoping they will change.
      2. Many may not have the financial ability to money to rent another place, no skills (may not have finished school) to get a job and so on.
      3. Stigma from society, friends and family who condemn such women for leaving these brutal relationships is a major factor.
      These are just some reasons, there are many others.
      If you belong to a group who would benefit from a no holds barred seminar on handling Domestic Abuse, please email and we will be glad to help out.

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