My drinking determines my sexual health!

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I went to use one of the hospital bathrooms while on duty and as I opened the door, a voice screamed out ‘Cant someone have some peace here?’   I summoned the courage to open the door wider and found a young lady sprawled on the toilet floor obviouslyContinue reading “My drinking determines my sexual health!”

What has smoking got to do with my Sexual Health?

From today, 1st April 2015, there will be no more smoking on all hospital grounds across Scotland. This is a welcome development. The annual cost to NHS Scotland of treating smoking related diseases is estimated to be more than £409 million. Smoking affects almost all areas of health including sexual health. Here are some waysContinue reading “What has smoking got to do with my Sexual Health?”

HIV? Me? No, I am married! (19)

“Eh…do you mean menopause?” “Yes! That’s it! She must be at menopause,” Dike responded. “Or you have infected her with HIV.” I wanted to snap at him. He must know! Why was he pretending? How long was he going to keep up the charade? I controlled my thoughts and tried to keep a straight face.Continue reading “HIV? Me? No, I am married! (19)”

Of bras, bra-fitters and skin cancer.

One of our readers sent in this article and asked me to share it on the SWN to help other women. I chuckled as I read the first part because I am one of those who have never used a bra fitter…I just sort of estimated what size will work for me and went forContinue reading “Of bras, bra-fitters and skin cancer.”

Jaydesse……the new ‘Lady’ in town.

One of the things that freak a few ladies out when we offer hormonal contraception is the thought of not seeing their periods. No periods!! What! Is that even legal? And where will all the blood stay if its not coming out? We gently explain that there is ‘no blood accumulating inside’ them. The contraception thinsContinue reading “Jaydesse……the new ‘Lady’ in town.”

I can’t see my copper coil!!

In the ‘kitchen’ of SWN blog….you know where the ingredients for a post are washed, mixed, cooked or baked or fried depending on the topic, we have some interesting cupboards. One of these ‘cupboards’ is labelled ‘search engine terms’. Search terms are words or phrases users use to find our blog when they search theContinue reading “I can’t see my copper coil!!”

Article as it appeared in the Press and Journal’s YL magazine on April 26. Courtesy of The Press and Journal

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