HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (9)

”Partners of people who have a sexually transmitted infection need to be tested and treated as well.” ”She doesn’t have it,” he said. ”And you think so because you are not having sex with her?” ”Of course we are having sex…” ”So do you use a condom?” ”No.” ”So she might have caught it fromContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (9)”

HIV? Me? No, I’ m married! (8)

”So how long ago did you have chlamydia infection?” I asked Dike.  “About two years ago.”  ”Did you get treatment for it?”  ”Yes.”  ”How do you think you may have caught the infection?”  ”I don’t know,” He shrugged. ”Through sex, I suppose.”  ”What about your wife? Did she get treated for it?”  ”My wife?” he asked surprised.Continue reading “HIV? Me? No, I’ m married! (8)”

HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (7)

”You’ve been hearing so much about HIV/AIDS do you think it may be a good idea if you all get tested for it?”  ”Ah, I cannot suggest such a thing to him! He will wonder why I am bringing it up. He will think I have done something wrong.”  ”But you said you haven’t doneContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (7)”

HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (6)

“Did you use a sterile needle to inject the heroin?” “I can’t remember to be honest, my friend just made up the shot and helped me inject it,” Dike replied. “So how long ago was this?” “About 20 years ago.” “Have you had a test for HIV or hepatitis since then?” “No.” “Well, it’s goodContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (6)”

HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (5)

I smiled encouragingly at Mma as she sat facing me. She had come back as planned and I was glad to see she was still looking well-groomed. Her braided hair was lovely and held off her face with a lemon green hairpin. She even had some lipstick on. “How have you been since last time?”Continue reading “HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (5)”

How do I protect my teenage child from HIV?

Your teenager knows about Twilight, The Hunger Games, Big Bang Theory and ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!’ But do they know this: MORE THAN 10% OF THOSE NEWLY DIAGNOSED WITH HIV IN THE UK ARE UNDER 25. Of those newly diagnosed with HIV in UK, over 10% were under 25 years. DoContinue reading “How do I protect my teenage child from HIV?”

HIV? Me? No, I’ married! (4)

It was five weeks later when Dike turned up at the surgery. If you haven’t met Dike and his family please meet them  here and here “Nice to see you again,” I smiled as I ushered him into the consulting room. “How can I help you?” I asked after we sat down. “Well, I thought aboutContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I’ married! (4)”

HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (3)

“We are offering all newly registered patients the chance to have the test.” “But why?” he asked again, suspiciously. “It is regarded as good medical practice to do this. People who have HIV or Hepatitis may not show any signs until the disease is very advanced. If any of the tests are positive, then the person can benefit from treatmentContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (3)”

HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (2)

After Mma left, I sat thinking. It all started coming back to me. It must have been like eighteen months ago or more that Mma and her children had come to register at the surgery having recently moved into the area from Africa. She had told me then that they had come overseas due toContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (2)”