6 Keys To Outstanding Sexual Intimacy.

Do you struggle to enjoy sexual intimacy? Is your relationship heading for the rocks because your intimacy is not as it should be? We at the Sexual wellbeing Network are passionate about fostering intimacy in relationships. Therefore we have developed 6 special keys that are guaranteed to spice up your relationship. Its a Free download […]

Why is Sexual Wellbeing so important?

  I face this unspoken question constantly. And then there’s the strange look that people pretend not to give me when I’m in full flow 🙂 People wonder why I am not talking about diabetes or cancer or multiple sclerosis. While these are all worthwhile topics for a doctor to engage his or her time with, I feel […]

What has Cabbage got to do with Sex?!

I once watched a chef on Youtube who was demonstrating how to cook cabbage with noodles.When she started listing her ingredients she called cabbage ‘gabbage.’ I assumed I hadn’t heard her right. “Must have been a slip of tongue,’ I thought “Whoever calls ‘cabbage’ gabbage?” And then she called it gabbage right till the end! Well I watched […]


I recently read a touching story about a nurse who was abused as a child. We will feature her story in subsequent posts. I really admire her boldness in telling us about her past where she was shamefully hurt by those who should have protected her. After reading that post, I was inspired to write down 12 […]

Marriage Isn’t For You

Thought we would share this interesting article by Seth Adam Smith. Feel free to add your thoughts on the comment section. Do you agree with his views on marriage?