Have you not used lubricating gel before?”

Baako and Amina looked at each other.

“Well, we have tried baby oil…”

“And Vaseline…”

“But not cooking oil?” I teased.

We all laughed.

“Lubricating gel is very useful as it reduces friction and stops the condom from tearing. The type of lubricant is very important though. All the ones you’ve used such as the Vaseline and baby oil and all other oil-based lubricants are damaging to condoms and so can contribute to pregnancy.”positive steps

“Hmm,” Amina glanced at Baako.

“Water-based lubricants are better as they do not weaken the condom. They can be purchased in most pharmacies.”

“Okay, we will get that then,” Baako said.
“But will you consistently use a condom?” Amina turned to him.

“If it’s available, why not?” Baako shrugged.

“So will you make sure you always have some?”

“What about you making sure there are always some about?” Baako retorted.

How would you advice Baako and Amina about who is responsible for stocking up on condoms??

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  1. Hi Chukwuemeka, dare I say that sounds like the typical ‘male reaction’ 😀

    ‘Whoever has the opportunity’ somehow never seems to include the man….but I guess you are different.

    On a serious note, if I was Amina, I would just get loads of the stuff and keep very handy.

    But the challenge is, even when its there, will our lovely men use it??
    Nice to read from you. Thanks for commenting.

  2. We are talking of a married couple here, for goodness sake. They are just a pair, therefore there is no question of whose duty it is to stock up the condom. They should jointly ensure that it is always available. Whoever has the opportunity should secure and keep it handy. There is no big deal in that.

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