Its one of those issues that confront women at one time of their lives or another. It just wont go away! Atleast not while sex continues 😉

Many ignore it at their peril. Others barely tolerate it as a necessary evil.

Where do you stand?

Consider my discussion with Amina below (name changed to protect patient’s confidentiality).

Amina looked at me, her eyes filled with tears.

“I need your help, doctor, I’m pregnant again.” She paused as though the fact still amazed her, as if she was hearing the news for the first time.

I waited patiently as she fought with her emotions. When she started to speak again, the words tumbled out of her in a rush.

“It’s my fifth pregnancy, doctor… we had planned to stop… we really can’t afford another baby… I don’t have a job and my husband’s company is making people redundant so we are not sure of his job either…”

She grabbed the tissue I held out to her and dashed it to her eyes.

“I feel terrible. I had an abortion just four months ago.

“It’s… We… I just can’t have another baby.” The tears overflowed again.

When the storm had calmed, I gently enquired what contraception she was using.

“We use condoms… Sometimes.”

“At other times?”


And then: “Nothing,” she confessed.

“I just didn’t think it would happen again so soon, doctor.”

The statistics speak for themselves!

Consider the fact that in 2011, in England and Wales, 49% of black women having an abortion had a previous abortion. This is well above the national recurrent abortion average of 36%.

Black women are ignoring contraception with resulting serious consequences. Unplanned pregnancies, soaring abortion rates, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other sexually transmitted infections continue to rule the day.

We must stop and take stock of where we are, Black sisters. Together let’s explore our issues and begin to make changes that will bear fruit.

My blog is committed to informing and equipping black women with the skill and knowledge they need to make positive decisions concerning their sexual health. I encourage black ladies to: implant

 Make the right decision for themselves concerning Contraception and Reproductive Health care.

 Reduce Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) rates.

 Knock down Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion rates

 Avoid early teenage Sexual activity and Teenage Pregnancy prevention

 Encourage testing for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis B and C HIVhepatitis

 Ensuring that early diagnosis of the above infections result in effective treatment and therefore better health for the affected.

Join me as we take this journey. Stay tuned to the blog as I am sure you would love to know what Amina decided to do. Don’t forget to leave a comment as I would love to hear from you (Yes! Your opinion matters!). Like the page on facebook (Why not spread the news?).  Follow the blog so you don’t miss any juicy bits.

Till next time, keep shining!

Dr Adaeze Ifezulike

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  1. Great inspiration! A blog as such is needed to create awareness among black women especially. Most of us are dieing in silence due to ignorance. I believe lives would be transformed through this blog. I pray for increase wisdom as you embark on this journey. Thank you Dr. Ada.

  2. I am so excited about this platform to discuss issues such as these. Our culture has made people shy to discuss such important topics. I believe the information that will be conveyed from this platform will go a long way to make every man and woman more informed and consequently take better decisions.

    1. Hi Engee, that is what this platform hopes to achieve. We need to start talking about these things. Burying our heads in the sand like Ostriches doesn’t work anymore.

  3. This is a great write up Ada. This is an adventure of immense relevance. Just like you to take on something like this and make positive impacts in the lives of people. Keep it coming! UOU

  4. Dear Dr Ada, this is just great. I think this topic is so relevant for today’s woman. I have a question. Aren’t all other contraceptive measures just as effective as the use of condoms? I notice that people seem to consider condoms as unreliable. How unreliable are they compared to others? I have another question which I will save for some other time.

    1. Lovely to hear from you, Kelechi. Male condoms are 98% effective and female condoms are 95% effective at preventing pregnancy if used ‘consistently and correctly’. Consistently and correctly is where the problems lie as many do not use condoms that way. Other methods like injections, implant and coils are all more than 99% effective and with them, you do not have to worry about the ‘consistency and correctly’ aspect. Condoms are necessary if you want to prevent sexually transmitted infections. Stay tuned with the blog as we shall be covering these issues in more details.

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