What contraception do you like? Which contraception comes ‘Highly Recommended’ by you? Take our latest poll and find out if others agree with you. You can add your reason for recommending the contraception in the comment section if you like. If we have missed out a contraception available in your country, please let us know in the comment section and it will be added to the poll. Thanks for participating.

Sexual Wellbeing Network
Sexual Wellbeing Network

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  1. My fav is the hormone coil….Mirena. I initially had another type (non hormone – Paraguard) inserted but was quite uncomfortable and gave me very heavy and painful periods. The coil fell off by itself after six months or so and i was too relieved to bother with it. After another year of using condoms and heart in mouth scenarios, I decided to try the coil again but went for Mirena and waoh…..i can say its been nothing but rosy….no pains, very light period etc. I can’t recomment it enough and I hear people say it makes them fat, but naaaaaaaa I think i add weight only when i’ve had too much to eat and has nothing to do with the coil. Will be due for a change out soon.

  2. My favourite contraception will be the coil as you don’t have to do more after it is inserted except replacing it when it is due for replacement which is usually several years. Mine never failed and so I believe success rate in prevention is high. For those who are certain they have finished having babies, I suggest sterilisation to prevent any failure as other methods listed have been at one point or the other shown to have failed some persons.

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