Dr Adaeze Ifezulike

Dr Adaeze Ifezulike

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HIV? Me? No, I am married! (19)


“Eh…do you mean menopause?”

“Yes! That’s it! She must be at menopause,” Dike responded.

“Or you have infected her with HIV.” I wanted to snap at him.

He must know! Why was he pretending? How long was he going to keep up the charade?

I controlled my thoughts and tried to keep a straight face.

“So what exactly do you want me to tell your husband?,” I asked turning to Nma.

“The whole truth,” Nma shrugged, throwing her arms into the air.

She looked like a lost child rather than a capable middle aged woman. She looked like she could do with a cuddle, as though she was on the verge of bursting into tears. I looked at Dike. He frowned and looked away.
I glanced down at my watch. We were already six minutes into the
consultation. I had no time for drama.

My next patient was waiting already and I must conclude and ensure Nma and her husband were out of my consulting room in
four minutes.

I took a deep breath and urged myself to speak.

To be continued….

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