Dr Adaeze Ifezulike

Dr Adaeze Ifezulike

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HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (5)


I smiled encouragingly at Mma as she sat facing me. She had come back as planned and I was glad to see she was still looking well-groomed.
Her braided hair was lovely and held off her face with a lemon green hairpin. She even had some lipstick on.

“How have you been since last time?”

“It’s been a nightmare, doctor! I keep hearing this voice whispering to me ‘You are HIV positive…’ I keep hoping it’s a dream I can wake up from.”

We were both silent for a while.

“Have you told your husband?” I asked at last.

“No! I couldn’t possibly do that. He will chase me away from the house. He will disown me!”

I was surprised.

“Why on earth would he do that?”

“He will say I have been cheating on him!” She looked as though she might burst into tears and ruin her lovely make-up. “…and I haven’t, honestly.”

“You are going to need support and understanding as you go through this,” I said gently. “If he knew, then he could support you.”

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“But how on earth am I going to tell him… How?”

What do you think might be the reason for Mma’s reluctance about telling her husband?

How best can she broach the subject?

Does she really need to tell him?