Dr Adaeze Ifezulike

Dr Adaeze Ifezulike

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HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (7)


”You’ve been hearing so much about HIV/AIDS do you think it may be a good idea if you all get tested for it?”

 ”Ah, I cannot suggest such a thing to him! He will wonder why I am bringing it up. He will think I have done something wrong.”

 ”But you said you haven’t done anything wrong,” I reminded her.

 ”Yes, but would he believe me?” She sighed. ”And even if he believed me, what would his family think?”

 ”This doesn’t have to go beyond the two of you, you know.”

 ”People will hear! This kind of news has a way of getting out. I may even get deported!”

 ”C’mon,’ I chided. “You’ve got to stay positive. You can’t dwell on all the worse case scenarios.”

 I thought for a moment.

 ”Okay, how would you feel about bringing him with you to the next appointment? I could then raise the issue of testing without declaring your status and see what he feels.”

”I don’t know…’ There was another heavy sigh. She dabbed away a tear that was making its way down her face leaving a trail of mascara behind it.

 How could family or friends help in this situation? Or should this be kept strictly between Mma and Dike?

Since she feels unable to tell Dike herself, would it be appropriate for Mma to enlist her husband’s best friend in telling Dike her status ?

Does she really need to tell her husband??

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