One in 10 women has left work because of symptoms of menopause. This is unfortunate as companies lose women with great skills who have so much to contribute.

Court & Employment Tribunals where menopause is at the center is on the rise.
It has become increasingly important for employers to do what they can to become more aware and provide support around menopause.

Well done to the Harbour Energy team, the inspiring Mavis Anagboso, DEI Executive, David Leiper and Alison Macaulay for providing the platform and inviting me to do a talk on Menopause and how the company can support women going through it. Special points to the men who joined the webinar as we need our men to understand how debilitating Menopausal symptoms can be and how best to support us.

If you would like me to start the conversation on menopause at your company and how you can avoid costly litigation by supporting staff better, please get in touch. Women are a major part of the workforce and deserve to be supported so we can remain effective! ~ Dr Adaeze Ifezulike MBE

Davina MccallEdward Obi (MCIPD, TechIOSH) HR Business

Adaeze Ifezulike speaking on Menopause at Harbour Energy

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