Dr Adaeze Ifezulike

Dr Adaeze Ifezulike

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My Sexual Safe.


What horrors lie in our sexual safe? What memories have we locked away hidden forever from the light of day? Were you raped as a child? Does the grunt and huff of your assailant still ring in your ears, playing an unforgettable music?

Does the bitterness of your treasure so cruelly snatched away still engulf you? Has the taste of your own blood drawn by wicked lips pressed against your unwilling mouth refused to leave you?

Were you misused by those who should have protected you?

Have you been a victim of domestic abuse? Bruised and battered so badly that your self-confidence is zero? No one heard your screams, no one saw the tears.

Sexual Wellbeing Network
Sexual Wellbeing Network.

Do you live with the consequences of a careless moment?

Do you have a positive HIV result or consequences of a chlamydia infection?

What horrors will unfold if the light was shone on your sexual safe?

Guess what? It doesn’t matter!!

Sexual Wellbeing Network
Sexual Wellbeing Network

We can choose to let the past be past or allow it strangle our future.

We can decide to empty the safe, clean it out, clear it out and allow freshness to come. What are we keeping those ugly memories safe for anyway?

It starts with forgiving yourselves, loving who you are. The Unique You! The past has no hold over you except what you permit it.

Yes, it hurt! Yes, it was cruel! Tears gather as you remember again. It feels just like yesterday. We cant deny that it happened or hasn’t left its scars but we look to the future now.

Sexual Wellbeing Network
Sexual Wellbeing Network

We determine to dust ourselves up and press to a glorious future. Because we are worth it! Because we deserve love and respect! Because no one is allowed to steal our joy and future!

This is the season to forgive and forget. Receive Peace and Strength to reach for the best you.
We know there is greatness in you! You are beautiful inside and outside! You survived so you are a Hero!
Wishing you a Fabulous New Year from the Sexual Wellbeing Network!

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