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Dr Adaeze Ifezulike

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Part 3: A survivor of Sexual Abuse – Nina Ndubuisi.


As we celebrate the International Women’s Day, we want to remember the real heroes, women all over the world who have gone through tough times and yet hold their head high. Women who refused to bow under incredible pressure and instead determined to make something of their lives despite the odds.

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On this day, we celebrate Nina Ndubuisi. Nina is a qualified nurse and midwife, who works full time supporting people with learning disabilities and Mental health issues to enable them access and engage socially with their community, ensuring they live a full and active life. She is currently living in Belvedere, Kent United Kingdom, with her husband and three daughters. You can follow her “wacky thoughts” at www.ninas-thoughts.com

This is her story in her own words: please click here if you missed the first part or the second part.

The next thing I remember was a sharp pain coming from inside me, it was so sharp that I let out a scream, “uncle” immediately used his dry palms to cover my mouth to prevent me from screaming any more, I remember biting his palm which followed with a slap across my face at this point I knew it was best not to scream or struggle, after all I was not a “naughty girl”, the pain intensified and I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks and sliding into my mouth, I remember the taste of the saltiness from my tears, I think the tears I shed that day were saltier than all the other tears I had shed before, “uncle” carried on doing whatever it was he was doing to me, I could hear him grunting whilst jiggling and with each movement he made, the pain intensified, as I sat on his knees while he got on with his business I tried to think of “happy thoughts”, but unfortunately I could not think of anything that nice that could take the pain away, the tears kept on flowing, I could feel my chest tightening and I became breathless (I have always been an asthmatic), I must have had an asthmatic attack, at that point “uncle” finally released me and shoved me on to the floor, I felt something warm trickling down my legs coming from my very painful and sore vagina, I went into the foetus position and started sucking my thumb (I was a thumb sucker), after what seemed like eternity, “aunty” came in, she saw me on the floor and shouted; “what are you doing on the floor? Come on get up or else I will tell your “daddy” when he comes back, I got up quickly and as I stood up, I felt more of what it was gushing out of me and trickling down my legs, I was too scared to look down, as I walked towards the door I heard “aunty” shout out – “go and clean yourself up and go to bed”, I had no idea what she meant by “clean myself up” and I was too shaken up and sore to ask, I just found myself walking to my room, taking off my uniform , putting on my pyjamas and crawling into bed.

To be continued.

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