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Medicine Abroad: A guide for Foreign Medics


A guide for Foreign Medics 

What this book is. Medicine abroad is a crucial student-style handbook that touches on communication skills which are essential for success in a new environment. It is a brief guide on medical ethics for foreign doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who are coming to practice in the UK or USA. It advises on study skills and other coping mechanisms to enable the foreigner to settle. If you intend to study abroad in medical disciplines or work, you will find this book invaluable. When do you need this book? Ideally, read this book before emigrating. However, doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff who are already practising in the UK and US will find this useful for improving their effectiveness. Who is this book for? All healthcare professionals trained outside the UK and US. Why was this written? The author’s aim was to make the journey easier for aspiring foreign medics. She found it rather tough herself when she migrated to the UK as there was not a similar guide to help her ease into the medical practice abroad. This was the sort of book she wished she had available to help her when she arrived many years ago. How can this book help? The common issues that a migrant medic is likely to face are addressed and how to tackle such issues discussed. This forewarns and therefore it forearms the naïve medic as to potential pitfalls. It is instrumental in preventing medics from falling foul of the medical regulatory bodies.


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