Afrocaribbean Health and Wellness Team: Improving health in the black community.

The Parliamentary Ethnicity and Health report of 2007 shows that Black and minority ethnic (BME) groups generally have worse health than the overall population. For instance, it reports that there is up to 7 times higher rates of new diagnosis of psychosis among Black Caribbean people than among the White British. Health Survey for England 2004 reports a prevalence of HypertensionContinue reading “Afrocaribbean Health and Wellness Team: Improving health in the black community.”

HIV? Me?

HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (22) It was just a short walk from my car into the surgery but the weather was so windy and wet that my dainty umbrella was useless in all that ferocity. I got a bit wet. As I hurried into the surgery, the receptionist called out to me. ‘Dr Ezii,aContinue reading “HIV? Me?”

The policy on violence.

HIV? Me? No, I’m married (21) I sat through the doctors’ weekly meeting like a zombie. I barely heard what was going on. I nodded when someone spoke to me and smiled at my colleagues. All I could think of was what had happened an hour ago in my consulting room. I felt anger buildingContinue reading “The policy on violence.”

HIV? Me? No, I am married (18)

“Doctor, please tell my husband what is going on.” Nma put her hands together under her chin and sighed. I stared back at her confused for a moment. Could it be that she hadn’t told him her status? Was she seriously expecting me to do this? First her daughter, now her husband. How many moreContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I am married (18)”

Another survivor speaks out: Lovely Nevo Burrell on surviving breast cancer.

Nevo talks us through finding out that she had breast cancer and the impact it had on her life. We often think cancer is confined to someone or some people out there. It can be an eye opener to find it so close. Especially in someone relatively young.   How often do you check yourContinue reading “Another survivor speaks out: Lovely Nevo Burrell on surviving breast cancer.”

ABC of PRE-Eclampsia: A Tribute to the late Kefee Don Momoh ”Branama Queen.”

Attention please! This article is for you if you are pregnant, have just had a baby or know someone who is pregnant. Many pregnancies happen uneventfully. The woman goes into hospital and comes out with a baby – wonderful! But occasionally things do not go as planned. Sometimes, a condition called Pre-eclampsia rears its uglyContinue reading “ABC of PRE-Eclampsia: A Tribute to the late Kefee Don Momoh ”Branama Queen.””

Writing 101 day 4: Today, write about a loss.

Hmmm this is a tough one. But I shall try to put something down- after all, I signed up for the challenge. I met an amazing young man many years ago. He was just perfect! He was every inch a ”dream man” and I was all out to say ‘Yes’ if he was to pop theContinue reading “Writing 101 day 4: Today, write about a loss.”

Let’s unlock the mind!

The Assignment: To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write. Clock starts now! Today is my birthday and I cant help reflecting on the past few months and how things have changed dramatically all around me. It all started withContinue reading “Let’s unlock the mind!”

HIV? Me? No, I am married! (16)

I stood up when he did, our eyes clashing. For once I was grateful for my height because he was really tall and imposing. I wasn’t going to be intimidated, however. “Please do the right thing. Tell her your status so she can get tested’.” He maintained his defiant stance for a moment. “And ifContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I am married! (16)”