The Slight Edge

Goodmorning Fabulous readers, Last night I spent 1 hour reading a book called ‘Slight edge’. I recommend it highly -it’s just a few pounds if you buy the kindle or eVersion of it. The slight edge in a nutshell can be summarised as- if you have ever been successful at anything, look at what youContinue reading “The Slight Edge”


Its that season when we all feel merry and light. The season to party and rejoice with friends and family. But you have to admit that no matter how into ‘healthy lifestyle’ you are, chances are that this is one time of year you kinda slip up or slack off a bit… You will haveContinue reading “DAMAGE LIMITATION PACKAGE: Happy HEALTHY Holidays 2015!”

Top Ten Women health issues

We’ve come a long way since 1995–and it is time to celebrate women and their achievements. But it is also time to take stock of how women’s rights are fulfilled in the world –especially the right to health. Twenty years after countries signed pledges in the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action, women stillContinue reading “Top Ten Women health issues”

My drinking determines my sexual health!

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I went to use one of the hospital bathrooms while on duty and as I opened the door, a voice screamed out ‘Cant someone have some peace here?’   I summoned the courage to open the door wider and found a young lady sprawled on the toilet floor obviouslyContinue reading “My drinking determines my sexual health!”

ABC of the ‘3 parent baby’ technology.

The world reacted with horror when the news of the ‘3 parent baby’ was approved in UK Parliament last week making the UK the very first country to authorise this. It is understandable that there would be such a reaction. People distrust science when it comes to reproduction. It was the same reaction with InContinue reading “ABC of the ‘3 parent baby’ technology.”

A must-watch film for young women (and men!)

I had an incredible relaxing Christmas period and I hope you did too. A major feature of my holiday was just sitting back with family to catch up on family favourites like the very Scottish ‘Brave‘ and the lovely ‘Frozen‘. I even managed to watch the Christmas edition of East Enders :-), caught a bitContinue reading “A must-watch film for young women (and men!)”

A note for teenage girls.

Please share with every young girl you know. Lets give our girls back their youth. Young girls should enjoy their teenage years without being ladled with ‘adult matters.’ I am often saddened when a teenager walks into my consulting room requesting an abortion or suffering from depression as a result of boy/girl/relationship traumas. Lets encourageContinue reading “A note for teenage girls.”

Afrocaribbean Health and Wellness Team: Improving health in the black community.

The Parliamentary Ethnicity and Health report of 2007 shows that Black and minority ethnic (BME) groups generally have worse health than the overall population. For instance, it reports that there is up to 7 times higher rates of new diagnosis of psychosis among Black Caribbean people than among the White British. Health Survey for England 2004 reports a prevalence of HypertensionContinue reading “Afrocaribbean Health and Wellness Team: Improving health in the black community.”

Nma comes to the clinic.

HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (26) I saw she was booked in to see me. It was exactly a week after her husband and she had been together to see me. I was glad to see her name in the list of patients I was to see today. “Hello Nma,” I smiled at her. SheContinue reading “Nma comes to the clinic.”