10 Top Sexual Health Checks to do before the wedding night.

I love weddings, they are so exciting! I always see it as a new beginning for the people involved. It’s an opportunity to celebrate a great life together. It’s a chance to have an amazing adventure with your friend (hopefully you are marrying a friend!) However before you get to the wedding night, there areContinue reading “10 Top Sexual Health Checks to do before the wedding night.”

My Sexual Safe.

What horrors lie in our sexual safe? What memories have we locked away hidden forever from the light of day? Were you raped as a child? Does the grunt and huff of your assailant still ring in your ears, playing an unforgettable music? Does the bitterness of your treasure so cruelly snatched away still engulfContinue reading “My Sexual Safe.”

HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (9)

”Partners of people who have a sexually transmitted infection need to be tested and treated as well.” ”She doesn’t have it,” he said. ”And you think so because you are not having sex with her?” ”Of course we are having sex…” ”So do you use a condom?” ”No.” ”So she might have caught it fromContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (9)”

HIV? Me? No, I’ m married! (8)

”So how long ago did you have chlamydia infection?” I asked Dike.  “About two years ago.”  ”Did you get treatment for it?”  ”Yes.”  ”How do you think you may have caught the infection?”  ”I don’t know,” He shrugged. ”Through sex, I suppose.”  ”What about your wife? Did she get treated for it?”  ”My wife?” he asked surprised.Continue reading “HIV? Me? No, I’ m married! (8)”

HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (6)

“Did you use a sterile needle to inject the heroin?” “I can’t remember to be honest, my friend just made up the shot and helped me inject it,” Dike replied. “So how long ago was this?” “About 20 years ago.” “Have you had a test for HIV or hepatitis since then?” “No.” “Well, it’s goodContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I’m married! (6)”