Living with HIV

HIV? Me? No, I am married! (20) “Your wife has HIV.” I said, my eyes fixed on Dike’s face. “What! HIV!You cant be serious!” Dike jumped up from his seat. For a moment I thought he was going to smack my face. Frightened, I quickly got on my feet. From the corner of my eye,Continue reading “Living with HIV”

HIV? Me? No, I am married! (19)

“Eh…do you mean menopause?” “Yes! That’s it! She must be at menopause,” Dike responded. “Or you have infected her with HIV.” I wanted to snap at him. He must know! Why was he pretending? How long was he going to keep up the charade? I controlled my thoughts and tried to keep a straight face.Continue reading “HIV? Me? No, I am married! (19)”

HIV? Me? No, I am married (18)

“Doctor, please tell my husband what is going on.” Nma put her hands together under her chin and sighed. I stared back at her confused for a moment. Could it be that she hadn’t told him her status? Was she seriously expecting me to do this? First her daughter, now her husband. How many moreContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I am married (18)”

HIV? Me? No, I am married! (15)

Dike looked up finally. “I couldn’t tell her. She will be furious to learn I have been with other women.” ”We are talking about a serious infection, Dike. If she doesn’t get tested, she cannot benefit from treatment if she needs it. If she is tested and she is negative, then she can protect herselfContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I am married! (15)”

HIV? Me? No, I am married! (13)

  “It’s okay,” I hurried to reassure her. ”Noooo,” she screamed. ”Mum, tell me that’s not true.” ”Its true.” ”How could that be?” Aka asked at us both, bewildered, ”….does it mean…Daddy?” She stopped in confusion. ”I really don’t know,” Nma answered her unspoken question. ”What’s going to happen now?” Aka started crying. ”I knowContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I am married! (13)”

HIV? Me? No, I am married! (12)

”You knew all this while,” I had exclaimed. ”I bought an HIV testing kit off the internet and the result came back positive.” ”When was this?” ”About a month ago.” ”I see.” But I didn’t see at all. ”So why were you reluctant for me to do the test?” I asked, remembering how he hadContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I am married! (12)”

HIV? Me? No, I am married! (11)

Dike returned for his blood test result a week later. He’d called the receptionist for his result but, due to our surgery policy, this could not be given over the phone and he had been asked to make an appointment to see a doctor. Click here for information on the Afrocarribean Health Event this spring. ClickContinue reading “HIV? Me? No, I am married! (11)”

HIV? Me? No, I am married! (10)

Nma came with her daughter Aka to see me a few days later. I was surprised as I thought she might be coming with Dike as mentioned at the last meeting. I had no idea if she had told her daughter about her diagnosis. As usual she looked immaculate and so did her daughter. ”Hello,Continue reading “HIV? Me? No, I am married! (10)”

Afro-Carribean Health Summit -19th April -Aberdeen, UK

A warm invitation to all Afro-Carribeans in UK and abroad to attend a health summit – the first of its kind. It will be a great educational event for all attendees. For Healthcare professionals, this will count towards your Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Its Easter weekend so what better time than this to visit lovelyContinue reading “Afro-Carribean Health Summit -19th April -Aberdeen, UK”