HIV? Me? No, I am married! (17)

HIV, Black women, Hepatitis“Yes, that’s wise. It will be good if you all get tested and we can arrange
that for you.”

”Meanwhile if someone has a bloodborne virus like HIV, it is good medical
practice to check for other bloodborne viruses like hepatitis as these can
sometimes go together because they can be passed on in similar ways.”

”Hepatitis?’ Nma frowned “Isn’t that a liver problem?”

”Yes it is. It can be…..’

”That’s what grandma had when her eyes were all yellow,” Aka interjected. Nma

”Yes, hepatitis can cause jaundice which is what makes the eye appear yellow.
There are different types: You can get hepatitis A from contaminated food, That’s
not a big problem but the ones we worry about are Hepatitis B and C. These can be
acquired by using unsterilised needles, sexual intercourse, using unscreened
blood or blood products…

”I had a blood transfusion after I gave birth to Aka…so I might have this
hepatitis too?” Nma started crying again.

”Hei, dont think like that,” I chided. ”We need to do a blood test to find out
first. No need worrying yourself to death about something you might not have.”

”Mum please take it easy,” Aka pleaded.

”We don’t have to do it immediately if you would rather take some time to think
about it.”

Nma looked blankly ahead.

”Doctor, lets sort out the HIV first and maybe do the hepatitis later,” Aka

”Fine,” I handed her some information leaflets on hepatitis.

”So how do we get rid of mum’s HIV?” she asked.

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Writing 101 day 4: Today, write about a loss.

Writing 101Hmmm this is a tough one.

But I shall try to put something down- after all, I signed up for the challenge.

I met an amazing young man many years ago. He was just perfect!

He was every inch a ”dream man” and I was all out to say ‘Yes’ if he was to pop the big question.

But one day something happened that shattered my dreams.

He said something that had alarm bells crazily crashing in my head.

Its like when you are getting to a junction and the traffic lights suddenly turn red….it means STOP!

I knew this meant STOP the relationship. It was painful but I had to do it.

He had gone to visit his family and came back. I asked how everyone was. He said they were all alright but that his sister upset him very badly.

”Oh? What happened?” I asked.

‘Well, she did so and so and I got so angry and I beat her and beat her…..’

I could see him getting all worked up again as he remembered the incident. I could feel the hot anger and energy as he recounted how he beat her. I felt a dread come over me. I felt chilled to the bones in the hot weather.

”How old is your sister?” I finally managed to ask, in a small voice.

His sister was just about my age!!

It was red lights like I had never seen it before.

I knew then that a man who can beat his sister (who was my age mate) the way he was describing will definitely beat me when we marry. I knew then that I had to leave the relationship. I knew that it will be an abusive relationship. He was an angry young man waiting to make someone’s life miserable.

I moan his loss but I celebrate my courage in leaving the relationship.

1 in 4 women are victims of domestic abuse and 3 women die worldwide from domestic abuse every day.

Dear lady looking for relationship and ready for marriage: please watch out for the red flags. Don’t be in such a hurry to get into a man’s embrace that you fail to stop at the traffic light. It may cost you your life.

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