I thoroughly enjoyed Adaeze’s talk. She was easy to listen to, with an engaging, friendly manner. The talk itself contained many interesting, relevant facts and raised thought -provoking issues that started later conversations with other attendees. Adaeze gave a clear and easily understandable overview of issues that before the talk I had very little knowledge about. I would attend further talks by Adaeze.

Dr Jane Atkins, GP

Dr Adaeze was great, calm and very clear in her explanations. I also felt she was very knowledgeable in the area she was presenting. She kept us engaged and used examples to explain which made the presentation feel more like a conversation with us which was really good.

Mildred Zimunya

I thought Dr Adaeze’s presentation skills were very good. She spoke loud and clear.
The video was fantastic and the topic was great too.

Katai Kasengele

Are your kids not into normal kids books or tired of them? Could they be kinder and benefit from more friends?

If the answer to either of those questions is ‘yes’, consider getting them ‘Myra the grumpy puppy and wise Old Dimple’ by Dr Adaeze Ifezulike MBE.

This is a beautifully-illustrated, accessible allegorical book for 4-9 year olds. Freddie (9) found it ‘interesting’ and ‘different to other books’. The characters were engaging with Myra ‘cute’ and Old Dimple ‘cuddly’. After reading a sample kids will want to read the whole thing! The book encourages reflection and positivity and we all need more of that. I strongly encourage parents to consider this for presents but also treats.

Dr Fraser Birrell
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle Medicine
Consultant & Senior Lecturer in Rheumatology.