Dr Adaeze Ifezulike

Dr Adaeze Ifezulike

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The Silent Epidemic of Unprepared Parents – Urgent Call for Mandatory Classes to Save Our Future!


In our latest blog post, "The Silent Epidemic of Unprepared Parents - Urgent Call for Mandatory Classes to Save Our Future," we delve into the critical yet often overlooked issue of parental preparedness. This isn't about casting blame but acknowledging a cycle of inadequate parenting skills passed down through generations. We argue for mandatory parenting classes, likening the assumption that everyone knows how to parent to the flawed belief that everyone can drive without training. The piece highlights the stark reality of overwhelmed parents and children facing mental health challenges, underscoring the need for societal intervention. We advocate for these classes not just as a means to equip parents but as a vital step towards ensuring future generations' emotional, social, and overall well-being.

It’s not about blaming parents; many haven’t been taught how to parent because the cycle repeats. If your parents and their parents lack parenting skills, it’s easy to see why generations struggle.

In a society where a teenager pushing a stroller is considered ‘normal,’ it’s our fault if children aren’t raised well. Parenting skills should be taught, not assumed. Just like we don’t think people know how to drive without learning, we shouldn’t assume they automatically know how to parent.

I see stressed parents and kids, and it’s not their fault. The mental health crisis is real!!
When did a teenage boy learn what it means to be a father? Did a teenage girl attend classes on motherhood? Physical attributes don’t automatically make someone a good parent. Fortunately, I had lovely, grounded parents who were great at parenting, yet I still found it challenging!

We must go back to basics and make parenting classes mandatory for youths. Parenting is hard work, and having a baby isn’t just glamorous; it comes with responsibility.

Let’s emphasise the importance of parenting skills for a child’s emotional and social development, positive relationships, discipline, and overall well-being. Government and third-sector organisations must support people in honing these skills to prepare children for a successful future.