Salad and fat free yoghurt…YUCK!

The BBC program, The truth about fat, aired on the 2nd of April. It  was very enlightening (not because I was on it lol!) but because there was soooo much to LEARN.

Highlights for me was the use of the MRI equipment to show the amount and distribution of fat on the presenter’s body… THAT was an eye opener!

Every thing about fat, from it’s effect on our tongue and brain to its effect on our mood, the easy way to burn fat even when you are not exercising, why we get fat even when we are not eating fat, the role of Omega three and so on…..were all explored.

I was one of the ‘guinea pigs’ who had to go without fat for the duration of the program. I can tell you it wasn’t easy! I hadn’t realised that so few food had no fat in them.image

At a point I was reduced to eating salad and fat free yoghurt…..yuck!! See picture above.

Dr Saleyha Ahsan was brilliant as the presenter. Kudos to her and the team at the BBC.

Next step is to put all that learning into action.

If you missed the program, not to worry. It will be repeated on Sunday 5th April at 15.55 on BBC One.

Beautiful Aswanley. Site of some of the scenes
Beautiful Aswanley, site of some of the scenes

Get your children to watch it as well. Many adults feel it’s too late for them to change their lifestyle habits (personally I don’t think it’s ever too late) but your children can start now to make the right choices.

Watch out for my article ‘Help, I am OBESE (and not sexy)’ which I was approached to write for the Slim with Ease global launch.


~ Adaeze Ifezulike, UK Sexual Health Professional of the year 2015 Finalist

If you watched the program, what were the highlights for you??

What will you begin to do NOW??

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  1. Hello Barzach, don’t give up. And don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to lose weight gradually for example aim to lose half a kilogram in 1-2 weeks.
    You only need to weigh your self once a week, say every Monday or a day of your choice.This will give you a true idea of whether you are losing weight or not. Don’t rely on what people say.
    Eat small portions of food.
    Add some exercise such as fast walking for 30 minutes three times weekly.
    If you are already doing all the above then its just a matter of time, you will lose weight.
    You should see a doctor to check that you don’t have any medical reasons for your weight gain such as a thyroid problem.
    Best Wishes 🙂

  2. I m very fat my weight is120kg,but even if people say that i m losing weight,it still120kg,when i chekt it.please welp me i m only a young girl .

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