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What attributes should the perfect shake have?

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Losing weight can be such a hassle. I know because I have been there myself.

In 2015, my weight reached an all record high for me.

I began to experience a recurrence of severe pain in my left hip which had been ongoing for many years but was now worse due to my weight gain and I was now unable to lie down on that side.

My GP had tried a steroid injection into the area to see if that would help: it didn’t.

I was taking codeines which was the only thing helping the pain, but the medication was also causing me nasty constipation and drowsiness.

I tried my best to lose weight, but I wasn’t succeeding as I expected.

A doctor friend then introduced me to a healthy lifestyle plan involving taking shakes, exercise and a lot of mindset work and within 2 weeks, I had lost nearly 8 kilograms through the plan!!

The hip pain was gone! A nasty lump I had on my face vanished as well.

I was sold on shakes I must say.

Definitely recommended if you are struggling to lose weight in other ways.

So what do you look out for when deciding on what shakes to take?

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Get one that is easy to make!!! For me as a busy doctor, this was important to me. A shake I could just mix with water and bingo! All done. Cold or warm water. No fancy recipes. However once I got to my goal weight, it was lots of fun blending the shakes with nuts and vegetables like spinach or just making them into ice lollies for my kids.

  2. Get a shake that is low-glycemic – this is crucial. A good shake should cause a slow rise in blood sugar, allowing you feel fuller for a longer period and that way dissuade you from constant snacking.

  3. I definitely prefer one that is not genetically modified.

  4. Aim for Glutein-free shakes as most people have some intolerance to glutein.

  5. Has different flavours so you don’t get bored. You may have to take the shakes for a bit to get to your goals so having different flavours definitely makes it more fun.

  6. One that is nutritionally balanced – has to contain the optimal ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

  7. Contains no artificial flavours nor colours.

So there are lot of protein shakes/meal replacements out there. You can see the ones I used here.

Don’t forget to add some physical activity and gradually transition to healthy meals with loads of colorful


healthy meal replacements


Have a ‘can do’ mindset and I look forward to hearing your story of success.


Adaeze xx