I aim by this training to buttress your policy of actively promoting equal opportunities as a
distinctive element of your integrated, diverse, and inclusive business.
The independent Nuffield Health group research confirmed that approximately 13 million
women in the UK are either peri- or post-menopausal.
It also revealed that one in four of these would experience severe debilitating symptoms during
this time.

Furthermore, one in 10 women has left work because of symptoms of menopause. This is
unfortunate as in this process, companies lose women with great skills who have so much to
Symptoms of low mood, low confidence, poor concentration, tiredness, and poor memory in
addition to a myriad of other symptoms mean that women are unable to perform maximally and
are forced out of the workplace.

Court & Employment Tribunals where menopause is at the center is on the rise. There
were 16 successful cases in 2020 and there were already 10 cases in the first few
months of 2021.

It has become increasingly important for employers to do what they can to become more
aware and provide support around menopause. A policy is beneficial for managers to ensure
women are not discriminated against.

This webinar will address these issues and equip both staff and managers with the tools they
need to ensure that they have the right framework and organizational culture around
menopause that will no longer disadvantage women in the workplace nor compromise the
company’s efficiency.
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Harbour Energy is taking a lead in ensuring their staff who are having menopausal symptoms are well supported. Read blog post here

Dr Adaeze Ifezulike MBE



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