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Dr Adaeze Ifezulike

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Why I wrote “Understanding Contraception”


Sexual wellbeing, adaeze Ifezulike, contraceptionThis is my personal story as never told before. Eight years ago, I came to the UK with my husband and two little kids aged four and three.

At the time, I had no steady job and my husband was doing a Masters program at the University. It was very difficult getting used to a new environment, a new language, ‘Scottish English’, and pursuing a training as a Family Physician with practically no childcare arrangements available.

Many migrants reading this can identify with the challenges of settling into a new land.

It was during this hectic, uncertain time that I realised that my period was late! I did a pregnancy test and it was positive!

I was devastated. What should have been a joyful thing was met with dismay on our part because of the challenges we were going through. We were barely coping with two kids in a new land with no childcare and now there was a third one on the way and no regular job between us.image

I realised that as a result of the pressures around me, I had not paid much attention to the issue of contraception. Many women, I am sure, can identify with this.

I was faced with the dilemma of what to do about this pregnancy. We eventually had our little girl and what joy she has brought to us!

But that experience made me realise that we often do not pay much attention to contraception. Its one of those issues that we push to the back of our minds and some how hope all will be okay.

As a family physician, I have come across many women like myself who didn’t give much thought to contraception and then faced the dilemma of an unplanned pregnancy.

The chart below from the latest abortion figures in England and Wales show that recurrent abortion rates in Black women are the highest of all ethnic groups.


Obviously we are not using contraception as we should. It might be due to misconceptions about the harmful effects of contraception. It might be the ‘hush hush’ manner in which our black communities regard issues of sexuality.

My book ”Understanding Contraception: A guide for Black Ladies” is my attempt to help women take the issue of contraception more seriously. It addresses misconceptions and de-mystifies contraception. It answers the questions you may not have felt bold enough to ask your doctor. It is easy and fun to read with hilarious cartoons by the Caricaturist Rick Coleman.

If after reading the book, you begin to take a hard look at your own attitude towards conception and take the step of practising an effective method of contraception, then my job is done.

Together we can begin to change the statistics and make choices that are right for us.

”Understanding Contraception: A guide for Black Ladies” is available by clicking on the book on this site.

understanng contraception


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